Hello World

March 12, 2019

Ok so I want to share as many secrets as I can about how to become a web developer as quickly as possible. This will be written up in a series of posts, and the order will be important. I am going to start from absolute first principles - you only need to know you own a computer and have visited a website previously. All the way to doing client UI completely in Javascript (basic front-end developer job work) and writing backend services in NodeJS (basic back-end developer job work). At the point those two things diverge I will work out some clever numbering.


That is a completely reasonable question. I guess the answer is because I know a lot of people are put off and they really shouldn’t be. Being a developer is a doddle, and is really rewarding both as a career and as a hobby. I think everyone should have access to the resources and tools to do it - so this is my small part to bring that home.

Who even are you?

I am a web developer who has worked on a number of huge projects, both backend, frontend and combined. At the moment I work for a company running their SaaS Team (software as a service) and have been doing it for almost 15 years (development, not this particular job). I love what I do and I happen to think I am quite good at telling others why it is so special.

OK I am in, where do I start.

Well, with the first post…


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