Learn more about what I do

A quick bio.

I have been building things with computers for over 30 years, and doing it as a job for almost 15! I love creating and shipping things to users, bringing ideas to life - with just a laptop, coffee, loud music and some time.

You can find out more about me professionally through my CV including contact information should you need it.

Some things I am good at:

  • Delivering software. My entire reputation is built around bring ideas to fruition, quickly and accurately. I have built up a lot of tools and skills along the way to strike the right balance between technical excellence and speed!
  • Teasing out ideas. If you want something building it helps to know exactly what that thing is! Over my professional career I have worked with lots of different groups of people, with all sorts of proficiencies when it comes to technology. From childrens book publishers to Oxford computer science professors - they all need help crystalising their ideas into something real!
  • Managing teams. Second only to making software myself is helping others make it alongside me. I've worked with teams big and small, including working with established teams and creating a new one from scratch. I like to think over that time I have gained the right insight into the common problems and management skills to help even the most diverse groups of people pull together.